About us

Kimia Payesh Tara co., a leading manufacturer of chemical products mainly on the paper industry, with its experienced and knowledgeable personnel,meantime producing chemical materials they are providing services to related industries
Regarding the company's services and products, it can be named as direct and basic Dyes, surface Sizing Agents (in the form of emulsions in resins), Dranage and Retention polymers, wet-strength resins, temporary wet-strength resins, and Obtical brightness agents, Antifoam, sedimentation,Modified starch , Native starch. as well as chemicals for water and wastewater treatment.
It should be noted that Kimia PayeshTara co.  master services ranges is not limited to the production and supply of chemicals, and has been used a strong support team consisting of domestic and foreign experts, from consulting and purchasing materials up to Operating and optimizing systems throughout the customer-to-customer relationship process,will provide their own special services.
Also, along with production, we work with well known worldwide chemical manufacturers like CaranKimya, Steiner, Royce , Lanxess, Lamberti, Mare, Contech, Archroma, BTG, ACH and some domestic companies.
 The company is proud to its readiness to service in all the fields that mentioned by having the ability of expertise of experienced personnel, produce possibilities and having the reputation of reputed brand names.



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